January 14, 2013

Weightlifter Slang

a few funny ones…

Juicing – using steroids

Bulking- eating more calories to put on weight

Cardio bunny- women who do only light treadmill/cardio exercise without results

Guns -upper arm mass (biceps)

Wheels – upper legs

Boulders – large deltoid muscles

&& some that are actually useful…

Smith Machine – a smith machine has a bar on tracks that you rotate to lock in or out of place. It allows one to not need a spotter for exercises like squats and bench press.

power rack – a cage that the barbell can be set on, without restricting movement like the smith machine.

1 rep max – the maximum amount of weight one can use for a given exercise movement

Circuit Training – performing one exercise after another without breaks

Supersets / giant sets – doing multiple sets that target the same muscle group without breaks. SO the goal is to exhaust the muscle while improving endurance.

Drop Sets/Strip Sets – using heavy weights and immediately following this up with lighter weights and perhaps even lighter weights for as many levels down as one wishes, with no rest.

Do you guys have any other workout slang terms?!?

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