March 11, 2013

Progress Chart for YOU

One of the best ways to track your progress is by keeping a progress chart!  It is best to take measurements every 2-4 weeks, not everyday.  So you can click the link below to download this free blank Progress Chart.  Or you can copy & paste it. You lean mass, fat mass, and body fat percentage can be calculated here. Don’t forget to check out this post regarding how to measure your body fat!  Hope this helps and keeps you motivated 🙂



1   mo

2   mo

3   mo

4   mo

5   mo

6   mo


Weight   (w/o shoes)

Lean   Mass

Fat   Mass

Body   Fat %


Tricep   pinch

Chest/Pec   pinch

Subscap   pinch

Mid/Belly   buttonpinch

Iliac   crest pinch

Midaxillary   pinch

Thigh   pinch


Bicep/Tricep   inches

Chest   inches

Waist   inches

Iliac   hips inches

Thigh   inches

Calf   inches





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  • So wonderful of you to create something so organized and helpful! competing in my first show in October and while i have a team its always great to read about others journey as well!

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