August 9, 2013

B2C Ultimate Packing List

I am the Queen of Lists. It comes with my type A personality.  So whenever I have trips coming up, I like to edit my packing list based on the location, timeline, things we will be doing, and weather.  So I am sharing my basic packing list today.  You can copy and paste this into a document and make edits to it based on your upcoming trip!

As you guys can tell from my recent posts, I have the travel bug.  And this weekend we are going to LA!  So I had to get prepped and ready for the trip! 

Clothing: tops, tanks, blouses, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses (casual/semi/formal)

Outerwear: jackets, sweaters, scarves, gloves, hats, beanies, raincoat

Underwear: undies, socks, bras, pajamas, laundry bag for dirty clothes

Accessories: sunglasses, jewelry, purses, belts

Toiletries: makeup, blow dryer, straightener/curling iron, shower supplies, towels, razor, hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair spray, hair ties / clips, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, deodorant, chapstick, sunblock, hand sanitizer, mouthwash, cottom swabs, floss, tweezers, soap, nail care, mirror, makeup remover, contact lenses

Medications: daily medications, tums, cough drops, cold medication, Aleve/Tylenol

Tech gear: phone charger, camera/charger, iPod/charger, computer/charger, iPad

Fitness wear: workout tops, workout bottoms, swimsuit

Documents: cash, ID, credit cards, travel/hotel/flight information, reading book, journal, pens/pencils, keys

Shoes: heels, sandals, flip-flops, slippers, tennis shoes, water shoes, boots

Gym gear: shaker cups, supplements, grip pads

Food: food, snacks, water, gum, cooler

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