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October 4, 2014

How to Choose a Bikini Competition Suit

How to Choose a Bikini Competition Suitwith Ravish Sands

Ravish Sands is the best company for custom bikini competition suits.

Their suits are absolutely gorgeous! Their bikini competition suits come in many cuts, colors, and patterns. With all the options to choose from it can be confusing what suit to pick when shopping for your bikini competition suit.

It’s a big decision because when you’ve spend 12+ weeks prepping for those couple minutes on stage, you want to be looking your absolute best. That means, wearing a competition suit that compliments your body and dazzles the judges.

Today I am going to share with you my guide on

 “How to Choose a Bikini Competition Suit on Ravish Sands”.

In today’s guide we will cover:

PART ONE | What Makes Ravish Sands the Best

About Ravish Sands

“Not only will you look amazing, you will also feel amazing as these bikinis are made with real women in mind, they are incredibly hot but also incredibly comfortable.”

Ravish Sands was started by Jessie R. Becker in Florida. She studied fashion design and marketing at AIU and has loved fashion from a young age. Backed by her supportive friends and family, she started Ravish Sands in her living room and has since grown it to the amazing company it is now. She is proud of the quality Ravish Sands puts into each and every suit that is handmade one at a time.

“What you wear is a statement of who you are. Let Ravish Sands help you make that statement.”

Ravish Sands has been around for awhile so due to their experience, they listen to you. Here’s three things that set them apart from other competition suit companies.

#1 Trade in Program

From their years of experience, they understand that after a show you may want to trade in your old suit for a new one which is why they created their “Trade In Program”. You simply send back your competition suit and they’ll give you 25% off your new suit. How amazing and generous is that?

#2 Suit and Heel rentals

If it’s your first show and you’re unsure if you’ll do another, renting may be a good option for you. You can find photos and details of the specific suits they rent out at half the price of purchasing it here. If you rent, they send you the suit and you return it within three weeks cleaned. Obviously no adjustments or alterations can be made so it’s like getting a “quick ship” suit with no customization. But that works for some people! That’s what I did. In addition to a suit rental, you can also rent heels for just $25.

#3 Ravish It Yourself Competition Bikini Kits

I have never heard of any other bikini competition suit company offering this. It’s a DIY Bikini kit to glam up your suit on your own! Now this may not be for everyone, but I personally added some extra dazzle to my own suit and felt it made it more glamorous. I had to go to the craft store and buy the tools I needed but Ravish Sands makes it easy. They send you the suit along with the connectors, crystals, foam board, and design markings. It’s a great option for those of you ladies who are crafty, creative, and want to save a little money. What a bargain! 

diy crystal competition bikini

photo credit: Ravish Sands

Part TWO | Quick Ship Bikini Competition Suits

A “Quick ship” suit means you buy off the rack without any customization in size or style. Quick ship suits would be like shopping for your top and bottom based on standard sizes like your breast cup size, your waist size, and hip size. If you are a newbie or on a tight budget, then this is the way to go. I personally used this option for my show and the suit was great! I had no fitting issues and it looked great for being under $100.

Shipping is free on orders over $79.99. Padding in the tops is free as well!

For help with sizing, here are their sizing charts: SIZING CHARTS.

Part THREE  | Custom Bikini Competition Suits

A “custom” suit means every single aspect of the suit is made and designed based on your input. If you are serious about competing and this aint your first rodeo, it may be time to invest in a good suit to use for multiple shows. It will compliment your body better since it’s custom made.

bikini competition suit discount

Shipping is free on orders over $79.99. Padding in the tops is free as well!

* More on the “Additional Requests”

  • Top Cut: Can be Skinny Top Coverage (S,M,L) or Standard Top Coverage (S,M,L). The skinny top coverage has less fabric so it’s more narrow in the triangle. It is common to order the skinny top coverage if you have large breast implants. Whereas the standard top coverage is wider. If unspecified the standard top coverage is the standard option. 

bikini competition top coverage

  • Top Back Hook: Can be String Tie or Hook Back. The string tie is like a traditional swimsuit top that ties in the back so it is adjustable how tight or loose you make it. Whereas the hook back has a clear plastic hook to keep the top on tight but is limited to only 1 inch adjustability. If unspecified the string tie is the standard option. 

  • Bottoms Coverage: The front of your suit bottoms has 3 options: Marissa, Standard, or Higher. The Marissa coverage is for tiny girls who are <105lb. The standard coverage is what they recommend for most women. The higher coverage is only recommended if your someone who maybe has a scar to cover so the front of the suit bottoms comes up a little higher. 

  • bikini competition suit coverage

    Part FOUR | FAQ’s

    How far in advance should I order my suit?

    Be sure to download my free Bikini Competition Prep Checklist which is in the “files” section of the “Bikini Competition Prep Guide” Facebook group. If you haven’t joined yet, join now to receive support for other positive females in the competition community. 

    In that checklist you’ll see I recommend you buy your suit 6 weeks out. If it’s a “quick ship” suit you could likely wait until the 4 weeks out mark, that way you’re more certain of your size. However if it’s a “custom” suit they’ll need 4 weeks to make it so buy it 5-6 weeks out to be confident you’ll get it on time. They can be rush made and shipped for an extra fee if needed.

    How do I know what color to choose?

    The color you choose should be personalized to what colors you typically look good in. Yes, you will have a dark stage tan but what color clothes do you get the most compliments in? For me it was always a red tone so that’s what I chose. But it will likely be different for you. It depends on your hair color, eye color, and skin tone. I recommend you stay away from colors that will blend in with your tan too much like golds. Also, white isn’t smart because your spray tan will likely rub off on it and stain it. In general, the most popular colors to wear are shades of red, green, blue, or purple. They contrast against the tan well.

    Do they sell anything else on Ravish Sands?

    Yes, they also sell normal swimsuits. If you’re planning a beach vacation for after your show and want to look cute in one-of-a-kind bikini, checkout their regular swimsuits too.

    They also have some theme wear too if you need that for your league.

    Lastly, they sell jewelry! For a bikini competition, I recommend you wear one ring, one bracelet, and earrings. Ravish Sands has some truly gorgeous earrings here to consider.

    competition jewelry

    If you have any further questions, Ravish Sands has a great FAQ section on their website which will likely answer them. Otherwise, you can contact them by phone or using the Contact tab on their website. They are super friendly and always happy to help!

    Ravish Sands Phone Number: (954) 440-0383

    Ravish Sands Email: ravishsands@gmail.com

    Ravish Sands Shop

    Though most women buy their suits online, this is one of the few suit companies that has an actual location you can shop at. Located in beautiful Sunrise, Florida is their shop where you can try on quick ship merchandise that is already made. That way you can a general idea on color, cut, and style before getting a custom suit made. This would be a good idea for those of you ladies who live nearby in Florida already.

    Shop hours: Tuesday-Friday 11:30am-5:30pm

    Shop Location: 10001 NW 50th St Ste 107, Sunrise, FL 33351

    I hope you found this blog helpful and that it cleared up some confusion when choosing your bikini competition suit!

    All these ladies love Ravish Sands!

    ravish sands competition suit

    Photo Credit from ravish sands shares of: @_aleesantos @amy.h_fit @amygregory_flex @bethany.ifbbpro @carafit3 @dancerdeb @kiaac_ @ktmillerfit @kymbirchall @lauren_eaton_fit @macros_with_megs @melissa.r.k @rachelle_baby @alba_marie

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