January 26, 2015

Behind the Scenes

I had the pleasure of shooting for Pilates Style Magazine!

It is a magazine I grew up reading as my mother owns her own Pilates studio, so she always had this one around. I loved reading about new and creative exercises and how to exercise while keeping it fun!

So I was beyond thrilled when they asked me to write an article & model for one of their issues.

I went to Fort Lauderdale with my Dad and we shot some of my favorite exercises on the BOSU. I put together a workout that is a combination of High & Low intensity exercises so it is a 20 minutes routine! + all you need is  a BOSU!

I’ll be sharing that workout with you in a few days. Until then, checkout some behind the scenes pictures 🙂

&& a HUGE thank you again to everyone at Pilates Style for this opportunity!

IMG_0218 IMG_0222 IMG_0239 IMG_0243 IMG_0250 IMG_0254 IMG_0256 IMG_0259

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