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February 21, 2015

Fitness Photo shoot Shopping Guide


Are you an aspiring fitness model? Or do you simply desire to have a photo shoot done of you once you reach your fitness goal + dream body?

Then it takes a lot more than just showing up the day of the shoot.

You want to plan out your hair, makeup, tan, skincare, accessories, poses… & most importantly your outfits!

So today I will take you through some tips when shopping for a photo shoot.  We will take a look back at some of my past shoots and my modeling outfits. We will also take a look at what is currently trending for fitness wear. So don’t leave this page! Here we go…



SHOP: NIKE Sports Bra, NIKE Capri Leggings, NIKE Hat, NIKE Shoes




SHOP: Lululemon Sports Bra, Booty Shorts (from Elisabetta Rogiani).




SHOP: Lululemon Sports Energy Bra, Lululemon Leggings




SHOP: NIKE shorts, NIKE tank top, NIKE Hat




SHOP: Lorna Jane Tank Top, Lorna Jane Shorts




SHOP: Lululemon top, Lululemon Shorts



SHOP: Lululemon top, Lululemon Shorts, NIKE shoes

In general, you want to shop for items that are eye-catching: whether it be the pattern or the bright color!

You also want to buy things that flatter YOUR body. Hide the not-so-good areas and accentuate the great areas!


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