September 11, 2015

Shoulder Labrum Injuries


Shoulder Labrum Injuries


There are several different types of Labrum tears including: bankhart, reverse bankhart, and SLAP. Since the labrum is a round suction cup structure, it can tear in the front, bottom, back, and/or top. These tears can cause instability in the shoulder, sometimes so severe that dislocation occurs.  So the severity of the tear and the activity level of the patient will help determine the appropriate treatment: therapy or surgery. MRI results play a large rule in diagnosing this problem.

Causes of Labrum tears

Labrum tears are most commonly due to a traumatic injury. Like lifting, throwing, or a fall.

Signs & Symptoms of Labrum Injuries

  • Locking
  • Clicking
  • Catching
  • Weakness
  • Pain
  • Possible dislocation
  • Possible joint stiffness
  • Positive special tests

Treatment for Shoulder Labrum Tears

If you have a shoulder labrum tear your Physician will decide the best course of action. If Physical Therapy is prescribed, it will focus on strength and stability of the shoulder.

Thrower’s Ten strengthening for the rotator cuff and shoulder stabilizers will usually be practiced. In addition to other exercises to challenge your balance/stability.

Exercises to avoid at the gym: Upright rows, Chest press, Shoulder overhead press.

Here is the Thrower Ten program:



1)Band Diagonal pattern D2 Flexion

2)Band Diagonal pattern D2 Extension

3)Band External Rotation

4)Band Internal Rotation

5)Band Internal Rotation at 90 degrees abduction

6)Band External Rotation at 90 degrees abduction

7)Dumbbell Elbow flexion

8)Dumbbell Elbow extension

9)Dumbbell Shoulder abduction

10)Dumbbell Shoulder scaption (45 degrees)

11)Prone Dumbbell horizontal abduction (neutral- palm down)

12)Prone Dumbbell horizontal abduction (ER- thumb up)

13)Prone Dumbbell row

14)Dumbbell wrist extension

15)Dumbbell wrist pronation/supination

16)Dumbbell wrist flexion

17)Chair Pressups


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