October 1, 2015

Say No to Fitness Shortcuts

Many times in life, shortcuts are flipping amazing!  Take the direct street instead of the one that detours out and around to the destination?! Yes please!  Use a calculator instead of adding up your monthly budget by hand?! Super yes!

But take a magic weight loss pill? Buy tons of workout equipment that claims to be the next best thing? Wear a waist cincher? HECK NO! Detour and take the long route. In this case, longer is better, healthier, and safer.

When it comes to health & fitness nothing will ever beat the old-school way of reaching your goals: eating healthy & working out. Nothing.

So instead of wasting time researching all these shortcuts & paying for gimmicks, will you simply accept the truth?

Tell yourself this:

In order to get my dream body, I will be patient and get there the safe way with a healthy diet and hard work at the gym.


To give you even more reason that health & fitness shortcuts are BAD, I present to you the ugly truth…

A) Magic Weight loss pills  It seems there is a new pill every month. So without even having to name them, let’s just squash them all at once.

The truth: If it’s too good to be true… it is. Moving on.


B) Magic Workout Equipment  Oh what’s that? A new treadmill that shifts this way and inclines this way and poof you will burn 3x as many calories versus a regular treadmill!  Oh wait, another device to make my pushups even better? No freakin way!

The truth: All these new pieces of equipment are only changing intensity or angles. Something you can just as easily do on your own. Without paying tons of money for new things that will end up just sitting in your garage collecting dust.  So next time you want to burn 3x more calories doing cardio, just change the incline/speed on your own and create your own intervals. Done son.


C) Magic Waist Cinchers aka Squeems  Old-fashioned corset-looking garments that are worn extremely tight around your waist for many hours a day.  Believed to make your waist smaller and give you an hourglass figure. Like POOF! New body structure! 

The truth: It is extremely dangerous on your organs and ribs that are being shifted around.  You may temporarily lose some water weight in that area. But the long term effects will be detrimental to your health. So instead of trying to look like someone you’re not, why don’t you just love the body you were given? This stuff is scaryyyy.



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