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December 3, 2015

“The Big Three” Lifts for Women

When it comes to the “big three” exercises, you probably think of: Deadlifts, Squats, and Bench Press.

However, in a woman’s gym life (especially a bikini girl) we are more concerned about booty’s right?  So in my opinion, the “big four” for us should be: Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, and Hip Thrusts. After all, hip thrusts are one of the best research-based exercises to fire the gluteus maximus.

So in honor of my Big Three, I photographed my latest workout where I conquered the deadlift, squat, and hip thrust.

Be sure to checkout what I pack in my gym back first because being prepared for these lifts is crucial. [See Related: The Ultimate Gym Bag List]

So let’s start with #1 DEADLIFTS

For deadlifts I am all about those lifting straps. Once you pass 200lb it becomes difficult to maintain grip, so the straps make a HUGE difference.

Sumo Deadliftsmyprotein4myprotein3



For squats I use knee wraps to assist with stability for my knees. As a past runner with knee issues, I am happy to accept this little bit of help in order to maintain good form during my heavy squats. Here is my warm-up set.

Heavy Squats



For hip thrust, I don’t need any accessories for the band version.  But it doesn’t hurt to look fly in my cute electric yellow tank and purple pants by Under Armour, thanks to MyProtein!! Ladies, if you have not tried these yet you must. They give you the best booty pump every. You can progress them by using a weighted barbell across your hips, doing single leg, using extra bands, or other variations!

Checkout my BOOTY exercise videos library on YouTube-> GUNS & BUNS PLAYLIST.

Band Hip Thrusts


I use the leather lifting belt for squats as well!

myprotein6 myprotein8 myprotein9

 bikini competition coach

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