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April 12, 2017

3 Ways to be a Supportive Spouse

3 Ways to be a Supportive Spouse

I’m sure you can agree with me when I say it is difficult to lose weight when your spouse or partner isn’t on the same plan, and vice versa. 

Have you ever experienced that challenge? They’ve started a diet but that doesn’t mean your cravings and habits immediately disappear. You will still have mornings when you don’t feel like working out, days when you just want to order in pizza, and nights when you desire to enjoy a few libations. These temptations along with their potentially irritable attitude while dieting may lead to a strain on your relationship. So it becomes your job to be as supportive as possible when they are hangry (hungry + angry).

I am going to share how to be supportive when your spouse is working to achieve a different health and fitness goal than you are. Your relationship is at stake so pay close attention.


One small and easy effort on the journey to win the “most supportive spouse ever” award is to be encouraging. Keep things positive even when they may be negative. Lift them up even if they are having a day they're struggling or have lost motivation. Just simply being their biggest cheerleader will help take them to the next level for success. Here are some everyday examples:

-When your partner makes a healthy decision out at a restaurant, tell them you’re proud of them. [See Related: The Ultimate Restaurant Macros List]

-If friends make fun of them for choosing celery over fries, take your partner’s side and stick up for them.

-If you decide to enjoy a few cocktails one night but they have already met their macronutrients (or calories) for the day, respect them enough to not rub it in their face.

beautiful to the core


A second way to be supportive, that may take a little more time, is to help them out with food preparations.

Set aside 1-2 hours a week to prep some meals for them, and possibly you as well. Bulk cooking is key to dietary adherence and success. Cook up big batches of the foods they’ve decided to eat, weigh out their portions, and make tupperware containers of their meals. This tiny act of service will mean a lot to them and show your support on another level.

A bonus time saver tip: crockpot chicken breasts or steel cut oats overnight! [Get these recipes by joining our free FLEXIBLE DIETING UNIVERSITY COURSE]


Lastly, the best way to support your partner is to join them and share in their passion! Now listen: I know your goals may not be exactly the same as theirs. But we can all benefit from a regular workout routine. Become workout partners or at least head to the gym together when possible. When you workout together, you give each other accountability.  For example, last Sunday I was feeling lazy and didn't want to go to the gym but my husband really wanted to go because he couldn't go Monday. So thanks for having an accountable partner, I drug my lazy butt to the gym and actually had a great workout!!

Need a workout program? Try our free four week Guns & Buns workout HERE.​

oxygen magazine dorworth


I love the quote we shared in Oxygen Magazine above: "Find someone who shares your passion, challenge each other, and grow stronger together." That is exactly how we feel about our life together. We are stronger together.

A supportive spouse is better than a grinch. Picture yourself in their position and you'll soon realize that achieving your weight or fat loss goals will be much more enjoyable and easy with some support at home.

Next time you or your spouse decides to crush a new health and fitness goal, keep these tips in mind and your relationship will grow stronger instead of weaker throughout the process. These tips are perfect for bikini competitor spouses too!

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