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October 30, 2017

Tone your shoulders from every angle

Tone your Shoulders from Every Angle

Checkout my latest shoulder workout on YouTube if you want to build beautiful shoulders!

This workout is the perfect combination of exercises to build your deltoids and your upper traps. Why? It works the deltoids from every angle, using varying pieces of equipment and supersets to guarantee a burn.

joy lab review

For this workout, I wore my brand new leggings from Joy Lab!

Joy Lab is a brand of athleisure wear available only at Target.

Today I want to share my review of the brand Joy Lab.

When it comes to workout apparel, my four go-to brands are Lululemon, Lorna Jane, Nike, and Carbon38.  These brands are high quality, stylish, sharp, long lasting, comfortable, and fit well. They make me feel good when I'm working out and best of all, they don't show those darn sweat lines when I go hard in the gym.

Whenever a new brand comes out, I am skeptical and hesitant to try new workout apparel. Because most of them disappoint me in their fit, quality, and style.

However, when I walked into Target recently I was shocked. Cute and stylish workout clothes at Target? What's going on?

joy lab review

Photo credit: Target

This upgrade to Joy Lab athleisure apparel is a definite step up for Target

The sports bras are no longer your standard cut and plain colors. They have different cuts, fun prints, cut out mesh, and can compete with even the best of Lorna Jane.

The tops are also more unique, more figure flattering, more up-to-date, and fun!

I grabbed some army green Moto leggings as my first item to try out. They looked very comfy, I can definitely wear them in the gym or out of the gym, and the quality of the fabric is great! But the real test...working out in them.

The prices of Joy Lab range from $14.99 to $44.99 which is incredibly low for women's workout wear.

joy lab review

My post-workout review: I love my green Moto Joy Lab leggings. They allowed me to move freely, they didn't show sweat lines, and they were definitely turning heads in the gym. 

I encourage you to head to Target or Target.com and checkout their new athleisure line: Joy Lab.

It's definitely a front-runner in the workout apparel world for me & I can't wait to go shopping for more stylish pieces.  SHOP NOW!

joy lab review
joy lab review

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    • Kyla, thanks so much! Yea I normally pair shoulder day with another muscle group too 1x/week and then dedicate a whole day to it 1x/week. That’s because I feel weaker in that area. But totally up to you!

  • I guess I would say that I want my shoulders to look strong, rather than beautiful, but I think you have struck a good balance. Would love to give your workout a try!

  • I always need new exercise clothes so I will definitely check out Target. I love that it sounds like their options are quality. That is so important when you’re working out.

  • I was just telling my fiancé that I did not like my shoulders the other day. I can definitely benefit from the shoulder workout and the legging are totally fab!

  • I didn’t realize Target has such a variety of sports clothes. Just like you said, ‘when did that happen?’. Gotta check it out. Oh, maybe they’ll have some Black Friday deals soon.

  • Workout clothes sure have changed but I love that they have become so stylish. I think many of us work out and then do errands etc. and we want to look good:) I need to check out Target thanks for passing it on

  • As a former swimmer, toned shoulders are really important. I love this! Also, you have a great workout outfit!

  • Thanks for sharing this. My boyfriend and I have been planning to go back to the gym after holiday and I badly needed a new workout clothes. This is perfect plus I love that it is very inexpensive!

  • The leggings look really comfy and I love the variety that is available! And thanks for the reminder to this neglected part that needs exercise and toning. I normally focus only on stomach and thighs.

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