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October 15, 2018

Bikini Competition Meal Prep Ideas

Bikini Competition Meal Prep Ideas

While doing a bikini competition prep you will likely feel like you’re constantly eating. After you sleep, you eat. After you work, you eat. After you workout, you eat.  After you relax and watch Netflix, you eat.

You’re constantly eating to get in your macros for the day. Right?

With all that eating comes a lot of meal prep time. Because we know that food isn’t magically being prepared, cooked, weighed out, and put into your fridge by the meal prep queen overnight, you've either got to pay for a meal prep service or you’ve got to do it yourself.

With all the food you’ll be needing to eat on a regular schedule (unless you practice intermittent fasting) comes lots of meal prep time.

Let’s assume you eat 4-5 meals per day and it takes 20 minutes to prep each meal. That equals 100 minutes per day of meal prep or 700 minutes per week of meal prep. Holy cow! That’s over 11 hours of time in the kitchen.

Aint no one got time for that!

bikini contest meal prep

In order to make your bikini competition prep process more seamless, less stressful, and less time consuming you’ve got to develop the habit of bulk cooking.

Meal prep with bulk cooking is a gift. It saves you so much time!  Think about it - I spend under an hour on Sundays and under an hour on Wednesdays bulk cooking. That means I just cut down 11 hours of work to under two hours of work!  All thanks to bulk cooking.

So what does bulk cooking mean?

For me, It means that twice a week I cook up big batches of food for my husband and I. We typically cook up a protein, a carb, and veggies each time. To be honest, we utilize kitchen tools to do the cooking and we just hit the “on” button!


Here’s an example of what a Sunday bulk cooking meal prep day looks like:

  • Chicken goes in the crockpot or the InstantPot
  • Rice goes in the rice cooker
  • Veggies go in the microwave or the oven
  • Once  it's all cooked, it’s time to weigh it out based on our portion sizes that fit our macros and put the food in tupperware.  In each tupperware we put the chicken, rice, and veggies in. Then we cover the chicken with whatever sauce or topping we want.

Bulk cooking for your meal prep during a competition prep or even off-season is life saving. 

I highly recommend you figure out which two days each week work best for your schedule. Then, you simply have to plan ahead and know which foods to buy at the grocery store to have ready.  The other things you’ll need are tupperware and a food scale. Here are some good options on Amazon:

I’d like to finish by sharing with you some other bulk cooking options for proteins and carbs.  Fats tend to be foods that don’t need cooked and can be added on later: nuts, sauces, avocados, nut butters, olive oil, etc. so they're easy.

Bulk cooking meal prep proteins:

  • Crockpot chicken and salsa (see video below)
  • Crockpot pot roast, carrots, potatoes, onions
  • Skillet any meat or fish
  • Oven bake any meat or fish

Bulk cooking meal prep carbs:

  • Microwave or oven bake potatoes or sweet potatoes
  • Crockpot steel cut oats, almond milk, apples, & cinnamon
  • Microwave or skillet veggies
  • Boil cook noodles
bikini contest meal prep
Bulk cooking while on a bikini competition prep is definitely the way to go! Spend more time training and relaxing- less time meal prepping!

Remember that while on your bikini competition contest prep diet, everything should be customized to your body and your needs. Do not follow a cookie cutter meal plan. Do not follow a diet you find on the internet. Preparing for a bikini competition is very different from just losing weight normally. It should be very strategic, timed, and calculated since it's usually done quicker than regular fat loss.

Psssst...have you downloaded your free BIKINI COMPETITION PREP GUIDE ebook with bonus checklists and workouts yet?

bikini prep ebook

For my online coaching clients, I have them follow flexible dieting. I calculate their specific macros for them based on their height, weight, body fat, activity level, diet restrictions, etc.  Flexible dieting allows them to eat 80% wholesome and nutritious foods and 20% yummy treats daily. Therefore, it makes a bikini competition prep much more enjoyable. For a course on flexible dieting, checkout Flexible Dieting University. If you'd like customized macros, I provide them for my online coaching clients.

Enjoy your meal prepping!

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