February 8, 2019

The Band Series

The Band Series

Have you ever been excited to go workout at a hotel gym and you walk in and only see cardio equipment? It happens. Some hotels are not well equipped and didn’t plan for a gym, so they create a makeshift one in a tiny room. Treadmill? Check. Bike? Check. A lat pulldown machine? Maybe. And there you go. That’s all you get! Sure, there are plenty of bodyweight-only exercises you can do – no problem. Sure, you can use the treadmill to be creative on it like I did once. However, sometimes you just want a good pump – resistance baby! So you wish you had some bands, right?

Have no fear, the band fairy is here. As someone who travels with bands, I’ve learned it’s quite valuable and very convenient. They barely take up any space in our luggage and the possibilities are endless.

long band workout

There are several types of bands you can find online or in a sports store:

In this band series I'll be sharing exercises with the long continuous loop band! You can find some below from Amazon and they come in many different sizes. The one I use in the video is Serious Steel's purple band. The thinner ones provide low resistance whereas the thicker ones provide heavy resistance. I would get one of the lower resistance ones for the exercises I'm sharing today so that it's very versatile. You can always double up the band like I do for some of the exercises to double the resistance. The heavier resistance bands would be more appropriate for gym exercises like assisted pull-up, assisted dip, or hip-banded hip thrusts!

I’m a huge fan of the long continuous loop bands! Most people use them for assisted pull-ups or dips. They’re incredible! Loop it around a post or stand on it and the possibilities are endless.

So one day I decided to mess around and be creative. I grabbed my band and came up with the best exercises for each muscle group. That’s what I’m sharing with you today! The Beautiful to the Core Band Series.

Continue reading as I take you through different movement patterns. I think the best way to save these ideas for when you’re traveling and want to reference them is to either save the youtube url on your phone or computer (https://youtu.be/fmgidVKQglY) or save the Instagram posts on my IG page here: @stephdorworth.

 In total, there are 57 exercises to choose from. I usually program 6-8 exercises per workout with 2-3 sets of each. Pick the exercises you do based on what body part(s) you want to workout that day: that could be a lower/upper body split, a full body, or isolation work!

Besides the band, there’s one other tool you’ll need – a door anchor. You can buy one on Amazon for $3-6 below or you can make your own. I teach you how to do so on my video below.

online health and fitness coach

Let’s get into the exercises now. They’ve all been compiled into one video below.

The Band Series: 57 Exercises using a Long Continous Loop Band

Minute markers by pattern or category:

  • 0:00 How to make a door anchor
  • 3:33 Squat pattern and leg work
  • 5:00 Hinge pattern and hamstring work
  • 6:45 Bridge pattern and glute work
  • 7:34 Lateral rotary pattern
  • 8:23 Upper body pull pattern and back work
  • 9:09 Upper body push pattern 
  • 10:26 Shoulder work
  • 11:02 Arm work
  • 11:52 Core work  

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 Buy your band here, pack it, and enjoy your workout while traveling (or from home)! 

beautiful to the core

exercises with long band

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The Band Series

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