Bikini & Beyond is a 12-week program with Dr. Steph Dorworth to restore balance in your mind, body, & soul following a bikini contest prep OR regular health coaching. You’ll learn how to make shifts to your diet and lifestyle that support your metabolism and improve your overall wellbeing.

Go from strictly following a meal plan or tracking macros to finding peace with food again

You're here because you either competed in a bikini competition in the past or you attempted to do a bikini prep but stopped for some reason.

Either way, if you began a bikini contest prep program, you were most likely prescribed either a strict meal plan to follow or macros to track daily. 

Maybe you found yourself in the grocery store, walking down each aisle, and drooling over the foods you couldn't have. Maybe you found yourself in the kitchen, opening the fridge, eye-balling the foods your spouse, family member, or roommate had to eat that you couldn't enjoy with them. Maybe you ended up out at a restaurant with friends ordering plain chicken, rice, and broccoli when deep down you wanted the burger & fries. 

Any of this sound familiar?

These scenarios are fine & all...for a short period of time. But over time, they become problematic. You lose control over your hunger & satiety cues, you lose control over your food choices, you lose control over following your intuition surrounding food, and you lose control over food in general. You become obsessed with food in an unhealthy way.

I know because I've been there. After competing in 2013 following a strict meal plan, I was trapped & afraid. While in contest prep, it was normalized to be overly restrictive of food (at the time), but after contest prep I had no direction on how to return to a more balanced, sustainable way of eating.

I feared eating out, I feared grocery shopping, I feared over-eating, I feared eating foods that I had set off limits again... and it was clear that food had control over me.

I needed guidance on how to shift my nutrition from strict back to balanced. But there wasn't anyone that was teaching bikini competition prep recovery...


Bikini & Beyond


This is a 12-week 1:1 coaching program for women who feel like they’ve damaged their metabolisms & gone to the extremes with contest prep and are ready to repair their mind+body+soul. Who are ready to maintain a bikini body while building a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle. By the end of the program, they’ll feel more confident, strong, and aligned than ever!

If you’re just looking for a trainer who claims you'll lose the weight fast, will write you customized workouts, and send you a nutrition plan… don’t hire me. 

This program is for women who want to dive deeper into their long-term health and restore balance back into their lives following months or years of restriction & deprivation.

This is for women who want to restore their metabolisms, recover from emotional eating, get over their fears of certain foods, break their cardio addictions, spend less time in the gym (and more time at home), love how they look in the mirror again, break the restricting & overeating cycle, come back from trips without feeling like they got “off track”, feel less aches and pains, and feel they are finally livinggggg (and not just alive).

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join

Build a Bikini Body you Love & Maintain it for Years to Come

YOU'LL RECEIVE 12 weeks of:
  • Meet your Coach | 1hr Zoom call with Steph to get to know each other and strategize a plan for you to reach your goals 
  • Accountability | weekly checkins your way: form, video call, or audio to track your progress and assess changes to your plan
  • Mindful eating | 100% customized plan for enjoyable eating that aligns with your life and goals
  • Mindful exercise | monthly 100% customized workouts that you'll enjoy & be able to do despite any injuries
  • Mindful energetics | daily quotes & lessons from Steph for knowledge so you can someday be independent in your health journey
  • Human Design | 40min Human Design reading Zoom call so you can become more self aware of your energy & life decisions
  • Support | Messaging directly with Steph within the app to get all your questions answered right away
  • Learning | 12 weeks of introductory exercise & eating lessons so you can grow your mind (in addition to your body)
  • Habit goals | set and track weekly behavior changes together so that your healthy lifestyle become engrained long-term
  • App membership | track your progress pictures, weight, inches, steps, sleep, macros, & more all in one place
  • BONUS | my 7-day Off Switch mindset challenge for FREE!
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    Now Offered for only $897 ($299/mo)

    About Dr. Steph Dorworth

    Hi! In addition to being a past bikini competitor who ultimately realized competition prep wasn't satisfying or sustainable long-term, I'm also many other wonderful things. I’m a doctor of Physical therapy with certifications in manual therapy (MTC), dry needling (TDN), pilates, and stick mobility. I am also a certified strength coach (CSCS) and nutrition coach (CNC). I’ve also been a published fitness expert writer and model in over 30 publications including Oxygen Magazine, Pilates Style Magazine, & more.

    I live in sunny Arizona with my pack: my handsome husband Zach and our energetic but loving dog Forester - they’re my world. 
    I’m just your average homebody girl with an adventurous side. A few of my favorite things are a high proof whiskey, pretzel m&m’s, a hiking trail with 360-degree views, a hammock + a good book, and exploring new cities with my pack.

    In human design, I’m a 3/5 Generator with Sacral Authority (leading with curiosity, energetic, and following my gut).

    oxygen magazine dorworth

    Happy & Confident Clients

    Nicole L.

    I learned how to be in complete control of my health. I can enjoy my weekends, family gatherings, nights out, etc. without anxiety that I am being unhealthy or am sabotaging my diet. For me, it took a few months of working with Steph to get to that point but my only regret is that I didn’t work with her sooner. I am so thankful I found her and chose to work with her! Absolutely!

    Shelby V.

    I loved working with Steph because she checked off every box that I was looking for in a coach! She had the same belief system as me as life is about balance! And you can get to where you want even with that balanced lifestyle! I was able to keep my social life and achieve my dream body!! She made it fun for me and was always quick to responses. She has given me so much knowledge!

    Ami C.

    I’m really enjoying having the ability to eat flexibly, but still achieve my goals; I really feel like it’s helped me to repair my relationship with food. I also appreciate the support I’ve gotten.

    What's holding you back from being happy?


    Is fear of failure holding you back?

    Maybe after competing, you tried other strict diets, added in even more cardio, and still struggled to maintain the bikini body you desired. What works for your friend doesn't work for you. You're afraid to commit to another program only to fail again. Listen up: there's no one-size-fits-all for training and nutrition. Having an expert tailor an enjoyable program to your needs will yield the best results. Plus, is it better to give it another try with a different strategy PLUS mindset work this time? Or is it better to give up all together?


    Is lack of time holding you back?

    You're busy, I get it! You don't have time to workout every single day for over an hour, plus cardio on top of that. I don't either! Listen up: a short, effective workout is better than a long, poorly programmed workout. You can get great results with home or gym workouts under 45-minutes and cardio sprinkled in, only as needed. Let's slowly taper off the long workouts & cardio sessions to instead make time for self care like journaling, meditation, manifesting, positive affirmations, & things you enjoy!


    Is fear of eating more again holding you back?

    At one point during my contest prep, I was likely eating under a thousand calories and starving all the time. Once that was over, I was afraid to eat more again. I was afraid to eat the foods I enjoyed again. I had heard about women gaining back 20lb within weeks of their show and I didn't want that to happen to me. At the time, there was no one around with a post-contest prep coaching service, so I did my own research and discovered reverse dieting. Each week, if I was able to avoid too much weight gain, I slowly added more carbs and fats back into my diet. I built up calories slowly to maintain my bikini body as best possible. The result? I now sit at around 5lb over stage weight year round while eating intuitively at roughly 1800-2000 Calories per day while eating foods I enjoy and sipping on whiskeys I love - guilt-free! And I've helped many other women achieve the same thing thru reverse dieting, careful planning, mindset shifts to get over that fear, and doing the inner work to accept and love your body again.

    I believe that maintaining a bikini body you love takes:


    Nutrition Improvements


    Training Improvements


    Mindset Improvements

    The inner work on your mind & soul are the most important part of this post-bikini prep process which is why I prioritize it as your coach.


    PLUS, when you enroll in coaching today you'll also be GIFTED with my Macros to Mindful course which teaches you 8 steps to transition from tracking macros to eating mindfully & intuitively. This includes 15-minute video lessons each week which will pair perfectly with the other training and mindset shifts you're working on with me.

    (Regularly $111 but FREE for you)

    What makes Steph different from other coaches

    Kiss restrictive dieting, over-training, and lack of mindset work from coaching GOODBYE!

    With Dr. Steph as your guide, you'll be building your body and metabolism back up day-by-day in the healthiest of ways. 

    You'll go from:

    • Poor body image to exuding confidence in your skin
    • Emotional eating or macro obsession to reverse dieting & later mindful / intuitive eating
    • Overtraining or cardio obsession to mindful exercise that balances training & recovery time
    • Feeling burnt out and drained to feeling re-energized and making time for self care again

    What do you value your health, happiness, & confidence at?


    100% customized training + nutrition + mindset

    $897 up front & save ($299/mo)

    or 3 payments of $333/mo

    all investments are non-refundable & non-transferrable.

    Can't wait to work with you!

    In just 12 weeks you'll feel like you have your healthy life back and I'm so excited to get to celebrate that with you soon!

    Have any questions? Email and someone from my team will reply within 48 hours.

    Want to book a discovery call first to be sure this is the right decision for you? Book your call with me here.

    peace & love, Steph