Bikini Prep Accelerator

learn how to get a bikini body quicker with less extremes: cardio, less asparagus, & less time in the gym.

Steph Dorworth bikini competition coach reverse dieting

What You’ll learn in this webinar:

What a realistic training program that's effective at building up muscular curves and leaning you out looks like

What a realistic nutrition program that is macro-based and allows some treats here and there looks like

What a mindset towards positivity and long-term health can do for your progress

Hi, I'm Dr. Steph Dorworth

Three years ago, I left my corporate Physical therapy clinic management position to pursue my true passion of online coaching. I'm now a full-time online coach who who helps women gain back their self confidence, happiness, and health without extremes.

As someone who tried the bikini prep method of training for 2 hours a day, hours of cardio, eating chicken and asparagus at most meals, not allowing a glass of wine, and turning down social outings I know how miserable that can be. I also know that you can achieve the bikini body you want without those extremes.

Instead, learn how to train and eat effectively so it requires less time...and is more enjoyable! 

If you're ready to get a bikini body without extremes, I'll see you in class soon.