This page is for 1-on-1 online coaching specifically for ladies who want to compete in a bikini competition.

If you’re interested in regular training programs or coaching (not for a competition), please head to my brand new website!


bikini contest prep coaching

Everything included with your online bikini contest prep coaching:



Video Chat & Messaging with Me

When you first enroll, you’ll have a 20-minute welcome video chat with me so I can get to know you and your goals. After that, you can message me in the app at any time and I always reply within 24 hours (usually right away).



Custom Training Program 

After our chat, I’ll write you a customized training program based on what equipment you have available, your desired training frequency, your medical/injury history, and building up the glutes  for show day. You’ll receive a new training program every four weeks that includes a mobility warm-up. Since they’re delivered in my app, there are videos for every exercise. This includes cardio and/or a daily step prescription.



Custom Macro Nutrition Program

I don’t believe in meal pleans because they’re boring and unsustainable. Instead, my clients follow flexible dieting and the macros I prescribe them. They get to eat treats 20% of the time while still leaning out for show day. The MyFitnessPal app syncs with my app, so I can monitor your nutritional adherence.




Every week or two, you’ll submit a formal check-in to me which holds you accountable. You’ll take progress pictures, weigh yourself, and take 6 body circumference inch measurements. You’ll also answer some questions about your program compliance. I’ll review your progress and adjust your program on an as-needed basis. My regular coaching only has biweekly check-ins, but for competitors I prefer to do them weekly once we are 12-weeks out to be sure you’re ready on time.



Show Day Prep

When it comes to choosing everything for show day (like your suit, hairstyle, jewelry, shoes, tan, and makeup), I’m available to offer my opinion on all those decisions and guide you along the way.




While using my app, there are some amazing features to take advantage of. You can track all your workouts, time your rest breaks, track your goals, and keep everything organized in one place. With coaching, you also get a custom peak week plan from me and I stay readily available on show day in case you have any last minute questions. Lastly, you’ll have community support in my bikini prep Facebook group!


How Much Time is Needed for Bikini Contest Prep?

The top question I get about coaching is how many weeks of contest prep are needed. With my experience, 12-weeks tends to be too short for the majority of people and that quick of a fat loss process makes muscle retention difficult. For that reason, my bikini contest prep coaching service is recommended to be 16-weeks long minimum. Once we begin working together and assess your progress after the first few weeks, we will be able to decide what will be sufficient time for you and nail down a realistic show date. 

online bikini prep coach

” It has been a pleasure to be a part of the team. Steph has not only helped me achieve my weight loss goal, but she has reignited my passion for fitness and helped me establish a healthy relationship with food. I couldn’t be happier with my results. In 7 months I was able to lose over 20 pounds and win two first place trophies at my first bikini competition!”

Melissa T. 


Bikini contest prep is not an easy process, but I will do my best to make it as seemless as possible. I’ll keep your prep organized and I’ll keep you informed.

I did my contest prep the difficult, uneducated way. Have you heard of this style of prep? Training 7x/week for 1.5-2 hours, around 1,000 Calories or less, cardio every single day, no yummy foods at all, no alcohol, and saying “no” to many social engagements. I found myself feeling drained, weak, and had a foggy brain while at work. Sure, I leaned out, but I did it the worst way possible. Don’t do what I did. Some coaches still prescribe that and that’s only because they haven’t taken the time to learn better. 

Is it time for you to slip that bikini on confidently?

I know you’re ready because you’re here. Join my team!


The Bikini Coach
Online Contest Prep


  • Welcome Video Consultation
  • Custom training & cardio
  • Customized macros
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Show day prep feedback
  • Facebook group support
  • Custom peak week plan
  • Use of my app to track progress, workouts, & more
  • Email/message support 24/7
  •  [not included] posing lessons

$299/month subscription*

*All payments are non-returnable, non-refundable, and non-transferable. This is a monthly subscription that may be cancelled at any time.

Frequently asked questions:


At check-ins I will:


  • Use your new measurements to assess your progress (weight, inches, pictures)
  • Re-calculate custom macros based on your progress and goals, as needed
  • Assess your strength training workouts and adjust them based on your progress


  • Follow up on how your stress, sleep, and life may be impacting your progress
  • Address any questions, concerns, and feedback you provide
  • Be your biggest cheerleader and friend through this challenging journey

online bikini prep coach

” I had a wonderful experience being coached by Stephanie for my first competition. Every check-in we collaborated and adjusted my macros to ensure that I would be my most lean on show day, always taking into account how I was feeling and how my body was responding. Having her guidance through the process was incredibly beneficial, as I would have been guessing what to do if I had tried to prep on my own.”

Andrea – placed 1st at her 1st show

No matter your age, having a bikini body is possible.

New mom? First show?

contest prep coachbikini contest prep coachcontest prep coach       

Why choose me?

I know there are plenty of other coaches to choose from. But here’s why I think I’m the best. I stepped away from managing and practicing physical therapy because I LOVED coaching so much. I got my Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certificate to be the best at exercise programming. Since 2016, I’ve been an online coach and I consider my clients my students and friends. I also freelance write to teach other trainers how to be better coaches. I care and I promise you’ll feel that.

When I ask competitors what the #1 most important quality is in a contest prep coach, they say communication. I am very fast to reply to my clients as they are my top priority. Other coaches may take 1-2 business days, but I reply ASAP and it’s super easy to do so with in-app messaging! The #2 priority I’ve been told is customization. None of my 1-on-1 clients have the same program. I begin writing each program with a blank slate unlike other coaches who send out cookie cutter programs.

“Steph has been awesome to prep with. She helped me get stage lean in under 8 weeks without going to any extremes. She mixed up exercises regularly which really helped keep me motivated. Thanks to Steph I took the stage with a physique I was proud of.” -Megan M. in 2021

Placed 5th in novice + 5th in open in her 1st show!

Placed 2nd in novice + 3rd in open in her 2nd show!


Read some more success stories

12 week program bikini competition prep

Carrie R.


Carrie placed 5th in her 1st show

“For everyone out there wanting to compete in a bikini competition or if you have just been thinking about it, Beautiful to the Core is your best online resource. Steph is amazing and very knowledgeable in every aspect of competing. I’m glad I had her with me each step of the way. Beautiful to the Core rocks!”

beautiful to the core coaching

Terra D.


Terra dropped 10lb in 12 weeks post-baby

“Working with Steph using the Beautiful to the Core prep was a great experience. She was prompt, professional, super pleasant, and always supportive. Not only did her plan get me the body I had been striving to achieve, but Steph was there to make adjustments and help me through.”

contest prep coach

Alicia G.


Alicia lost 3.5in around her waist and almost 20lb for her 1st show

” Steph has been amazing. Very easy to contact, always getting back right away. Always asking how things are going. I have made amazing progress in such a short amount of time through her coaching. I will definitely be using Steph as a coach again for my next prep. “

beautiful to the core coaching team

Kendra M.


Kendra lost 14lb for her 1st show

“The Beautiful To The Core Bikini Competition Prep changed my life. I participated in an 11 week prep and made the most progress in that short of time than I ever have on my own! Everything was broken down for me so everything was easy to follow. I will be recommending this program to others while continuing on my fitness journey!”

Jenna bikini competition coaching



Jenna placed 3rd at 40 years old

“Thank you so much for helping me reach my goal! 14 Ibs lost, 89 workouts, and a ton of support. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

Rachel M.


Rachel competed in bikini once, then placed 2nd in figure

“Working with Steph over the past 1.5 years has not only helped me reach my goals to compete, but I have also reached a point of consistency with exercise and nutrition that I could not do on my own. Her guidance, honesty, and knowledge has been so beneficial in competing, strength, and nutrition. Having a coach that tailors a plan specifically to you has been wonderful! She is always available if I have a question, and is amazing to work with!