With science + Human design guiding your health, your most energetic and healthy mind+body+soul is possible.

You're here because...

You're tired of feeling unmotivated and burnt out - lacking energy to get through the day. You're exhausted from trying out every diet, every workout, and not seeing any weight loss results. You're sick of looking in the mirror and hating what you see.

To embody your higher self (the best version of you) you need a customized program in place to improve your metabolism and health rituals. A customized program that not only helps you be more mindful with your energy, exercise, and eating but also goes deeper: addressing your beliefs, identity, and soul. 



Health Coaching with Dr. Steph Dorworth

Fit by Design is health coaching guided by Human Design. Human design is a self awareness tool that will help you align your mind, body, and soul with your goals. It uses your birth location and time to determine how the solar system and star fields were aligned at the precise moment of your birth. Your chart can build awareness about who you were born to be, how you can best use your energy, what strategy to use for decision making, what digestion style is ideal for you, & more!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join

  • Meet your Coach | 1hr Zoom call with Steph to get to know each other and strategize a plan for you to reach your goals 
  • Accountability | weekly checkins your way: form, video call, or audio to track your progress and assess changes to your plan
  • Mindful eating | 100% customized plan for flexible dieting & tracking macros (w/ guidance on Intuitive eating post-comp)
  • Mindful exercise | monthly 100% customized workouts that you'll enjoy & be able to do despite any injuries
  • Mindful energetics | daily quotes & lessons from Steph for knowledge so you can someday be independent in your health journey
  • Human Design | 40min Human Design reading Zoom call so you can become more self aware of your energy & life decisions
  • Support | Messaging directly with Steph within the app to get all your questions answered right away
  • Learning | 12 weeks of introductory exercise & eating lessons so you can grow your mind (in addition to your body)
  • Habit goals | set and track weekly behavior changes together so that your healthy lifestyle become engrained long-term
  • App membership | track your progress pictures, weight, inches, steps, sleep, macros, & more all in one place
  • BONUS | my 7-day Off Switch mindset challenge for FREE!


a monthly subscription


3 Month Package

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About Dr. Steph Dorworth

Hi, I'm Dr. Steph! After going through a bikini prep, some personal trauma, and gut health struggles, I felt numb & lost…unsure of who I was and struggling to digest foods well. After years of healing work, I found my direction with Human Design and it elevated my health. I went from physically healthy to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy, too. 

As a 3/5 sacral Generator (in Human Design) I am equipped to guide you with a positive vibe. As a 3 enneagram I'll bring the energy and caring spirit to our calls together. As a Dr of Physical therapy with certifications in strength, mobility, nutrition, and pilates, I'll guide you by taking a holistic approach to your health. Your transformation is a puzzle that I'm excited to solve by getting to know you deeper! 

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Happy & Confident Clients

Nicole L.

I learned how to be in complete control of my health. I can enjoy my weekends, family gatherings, nights out, etc. without anxiety that I am being unhealthy or am sabotaging my diet. For me, it took a few months of working with Steph to get to that point but my only regret is that I didn’t work with her sooner. I am so thankful I found her and chose to work with her!

Rachel M.

Working with Steph over the past 1.5 years has not only helped me reach my goals to compete, but I have also reached a point of consistency with exercise and nutrition that I could not do on my own. Her guidance, honesty, and knowledge has been so beneficial. Having a coach that tailors a plan specifically to you has been wonderful! She is always available if I have a question and is amazing to work with!

Mackenzie S.

Beginning this program has required some directions that feels counter-intuitive to what mainstream media has historically drilled into women about how it's done. Things like eating ~2,000 Calories a day and no cardio. Prior to beginning this program, I would've taken reactionary measures to these ideas, given in to a binge, or taken a long break from monitoring nutrition. Trusting your expertise and process has made it a lot easier!

What's holding you back from committing?


Is fear of failure holding you back?

You've tried all the diet & workout trends, but nothing sticks. What works for your friend doesn't work for you. You're afraid to commit to another program only to fail again. Listen up: there's no one-size-fits-all. Having an expert tailor an enjoyable program to you will yield the best results.


Is lack of time holding you back?

You're busy, I get it! You don't have time for unrealistically long workouts & hours of cardio. I don't either! Listen up: a short, effective workout is better than a long, poorly programmed workout. You can get great results with shorter home or gym workouts and cardio sprinkled in - only as needed.


Is fear of loss of the things you love stopping you?

Do you love your wine to wind down at night, your date nights out for dinner, or getting to celebrate with friends? Listen up: you can stay on track if you plan ahead. I'll guide you with that. You're capable of enjoying life...even while losing weight.

I believe that building a bikini body you love takes:


Nutrition Improvements


Training Improvements


Mindset Improvements

The inner work on your mind & soul are the most important part of this process which is why I prioritize it as your coach.


PLUS, when you enroll in coaching today you'll also be GIFTED with my Off Switch 7 day challenge which teaches you 7 ways to unplug and make more time for yourself again. Learn how to journal, meditate, attract positivity, manage stress & time, and more!

Contest prep is a challenge on your body for sure AND on your mind - so it's important to train your mind also.

What makes Steph different from other coaches

Kiss restrictive dieting, over-training, and lack of mindset work from coaching GOODBYE!

With Dr. Steph as your guide, you'll be building your body and metabolism back up day-by-day in the healthiest of ways. 

You'll go from:

  • Poor body image to exuding confidence in your skin
  • Emotional eating or macro obsession to flexible dieting & later reverse dieting to mindful / intuitive eating
  • Overtraining or cardio obsession to mindful exercise that balances training & recovery time
  • Feeling burnt out and drained to feeling re-energized and making time for self care again

What do you value your health, happiness, & confidence at?

100% customized training + nutrition + mindset


a monthly subscription


3 Month Package

most popular


all investments are non-refundable & non-transferrable.

Can't wait to work with you!

In just a few months you'll feel healthier and stronger than ever and I can't wait to see you beaming from ear to ear with confidence!

Have any questions? Email info@beautifultothecore.com and someone from my team will reply within 48 hours.

Want to book a discovery call first to be sure this is the right decision for you? Book your call with me here.

peace & love, Steph