Bikini Competition Prep Coaching with Dr. Steph

Contest prep coaching that is NOT super restrictive and doesn't include meal plans or hours of cardio.

Learn how to make temporary shifts to your diet and lifestyle that support your bikini physique goals without damaging your metabolism or body long-term.

You're here because you want to compete in a bikini competition or at least train that way and decide later if you're ready to commit to that.

Either way, if you have been researching other competition prep coaches, you have likely read some horror stories. 

Maybe you read about women gaining twenty pounds back suddenly within weeks of competing due to overeating and cravings thru the roof. Maybe you read about women with metabolic damage (a slowly metabolism) due to months of starving themselves or eating very little on their meal plan. Maybe you read about women with knee and ankle injuries due to all the cardio they were prescribed while on prep.

Any of this sound familiar?

These scenarios happen ALL the time. A contest prep and competing can boost your confidence and make you feel more fit than ever! But what's not talked about enough is the damage it can do when you do prep the "old school" wrong way.

Old school methods of contest prep: Follow a meal plan with <1,200 Calories, do 1+ hour of cardio per day, cut out most foods from your diet, workout 1-2 hours a day lifting, not prioritize sleep, and possibly even take illegal drugs to get lean quicker. 

After contest prep, you're then left to fend for yourself (well until I created Bikini & Beyond to help women recover from that horrible style of coaching). You lose control over your mindful way of living: eating, training, sleep, stress, and mindset work. You begin to fear things you never feared before.

For all those reasons, I do coaching different - a newer, more evidence-based way. No extremes, no overly restricting, no hours per day of your time, and no tunnel vision on only working out more and eating less. 

Bikini Competition Prep coaching with me is more enjoyable and sets you up better for success after competing!



Bikini Competition Prep Coaching with Dr. Steph Dorworth

This is a 1:1 coaching program for women who want to prep for a bikini competition.

This is for women who want to do contest prep in a more enjoyable, sustainable, evidence-based way.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Join

  • Meet your Coach | 1hr Zoom call with Steph to get to know each other and strategize a plan for you to reach your goals 
  • Accountability | weekly checkins your way: form, video call, or audio to track your progress and assess changes to your plan
  • Mindful eating | 100% customized plan for flexible dieting & tracking macros (w/ guidance on Intuitive eating post-comp)
  • Mindful exercise | monthly 100% customized workouts that you'll enjoy & be able to do despite any injuries
  • Mindful energetics | daily quotes & lessons from Steph for knowledge so you can someday be independent in your health journey
  • Human Design | 40min Human Design reading Zoom call so you can become more self aware of your energy & life decisions
  • Support | Messaging directly with Steph within the app to get all your questions answered right away
  • Learning | 12 weeks of introductory exercise & eating lessons so you can grow your mind (in addition to your body)
  • Habit goals | set and track weekly behavior changes together so that your healthy lifestyle become engrained long-term
  • App membership | track your progress pictures, weight, inches, steps, sleep, macros, & more all in one place
  • Contest prep portal | Access to my contest prep portal for prep instructions and checklists
  • BONUS | my 7-day Off Switch mindset challenge for FREE!

Valued at $751

Now Offered for only $333/mo*

*3-month minimum commitment

About Dr. Steph Dorworth

Hi! In addition to being a past bikini competitor who fell in love with modeling, I'm also many other wonderful things. I’m a doctor of Physical therapy with certifications in manual therapy (MTC), dry needling (TDN), pilates, and stick mobility. I am also a certified strength coach (CSCS) and nutrition coach (CNC). I’ve also been a published fitness expert writer and model in over 30 publications including Oxygen Magazine, Pilates Style Magazine, & more.

I live in sunny Arizona with my pack: my handsome husband Zach and our energetic but loving dog Forester - they’re my world. 
I’m just your average homebody girl with an adventurous side. A few of my favorite things are a high proof whiskey, pretzel m&m’s, a hiking trail with 360-degree views, a hammock + a good book, and exploring new cities with my pack.

In human design, I’m a 3/5 Generator with Sacral Authority (leading with curiosity, energetic, and following my gut).

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Happy & Confident Clients

Melissa T.

It has been a pleasure to be a part of the team. Steph has not only helped me achieve my weight loss goal, but she has reignited my passion for fitness and helped me establish a healthy relationship with food. I couldn’t be happier with my results. In 7 months I was able to lose over 20 pounds and win two first place trophies at my first bikini competition!

online bikini prep coach

Andrea C.

I had a wonderful experience being coached by Stephanie for my first competition. Every check-in we collaborated and adjusted my macros to ensure that I would be my most lean on show day, always taking into account how I was feeling and how my body was responding. Having her guidance through the process was incredibly beneficial, as I would have been guessing what to do if I had tried to prep on my own.

online bikini prep coach

Megan M.

Steph has been awesome to prep with. She helped me get stage lean in under 8 weeks without going to any extremes. She mixed up exercises regularly which really helped keep me motivated. Thanks to Steph I took the stage with a physique I was proud of.

What's holding you back from committing?


Is fear of failure holding you back?

Are you afraid of committing to this dream of competing because of the sacrifices it will take? It will definitely take sacrifices, but with my style of coaching they'll be at a minimum. All the healthy habits and lifestyle changes we make while working together will be ones that you would want to build and sustain anyways, despite competing or not. I value finding balance in life and want you to be able to still enjoy life, have time for doing what you enjoy, get to go out and be social, and still have a rockin' body.


Is lack of time holding you back?

You're busy, I get it! You don't have time to workout every single day for over an hour, plus cardio on top of that. I don't either! Listen up: a short, effective workout is better than a long, poorly programmed workout. You can get great results with home or gym workouts under 45-minutes and cardio sprinkled in, only as needed. Let's slowly taper off the long workouts & cardio sessions to instead make time for self care like journaling, meditation, manifesting, positive affirmations, & things you enjoy!


Is fear of committing to something over three months out holding you back?

The top question I get about coaching is how many weeks of contest prep are needed. With my experience, 12-weeks tends to be too short for the majority of people and that quick of a fat loss process makes muscle retention difficult. Once we begin working together and assess your progress after the first few weeks, we will be able to decide what will be sufficient time for you and nail down a realistic show date. Since 12 weeks is the minimum contest prep length for most people, I have a 3-month minimum commitment when signing up. So I understand why that can be tough to commit to 3 months if you're not sure you'll follow through with competing. Rest assured that even if you decide not to compete, I'm still here to be your health coach instead of your contest prep coach. I am even more experienced with helping women build bodies they love with mindful/intuitive eating, strength training, mobility, and mindset work together. So we can still work together to build a body you love - even if it's not for a competition. You'll still make great use of our time together.

I believe that building a bikini body you love takes:


Nutrition Improvements


Training Improvements


Mindset Improvements

The inner work on your mind & soul are the most important part of this bikini prep process which is why I prioritize it as your coach.


PLUS, when you enroll in coaching today you'll also be GIFTED with my Off Switch 7 day challenge which teaches you 7 ways to unplug and make more time for yourself again. Learn how to journal, meditate, attract positivity, manage stress & time, and more!

Contest prep is a challenge on your body for sure AND on your mind - so it's important to train your mind also.

What makes Steph different from other coaches

Kiss restrictive dieting, over-training, and lack of mindset work from coaching GOODBYE!

With Dr. Steph as your guide, you'll be building your body and metabolism back up day-by-day in the healthiest of ways. 

You'll go from:

  • Poor body image to exuding confidence in your skin
  • Emotional eating or macro obsession to flexible dieting & later reverse dieting to mindful / intuitive eating
  • Overtraining or cardio obsession to mindful exercise that balances training & recovery time
  • Feeling burnt out and drained to feeling re-energized and making time for self care again
bikini contest prep coach
contest prep coach

What do you value your health, happiness, & confidence at?

BIKINI competition Prep COACHING

100% customized training + nutrition + mindset


(a monthly subscription with a 3mo minimum)

all investments are non-refundable & non-transferrable.

Can't wait to work with you!

In just a few months you'll feel stage ready and I can't wait to see you beaming from ear to ear with confidence!

Have any questions? Email and someone from my team will reply within 48 hours.

Want to book a discovery call first to be sure this is the right decision for you? Book your call with me here.

peace & love, Steph

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