Take a picture of one of the DAILY WORKOUTS (below) on your phone NOW so you can follow the plan at the gym TOMORROW.

You pick how many sets & reps based on what challenges you.  Lift heavy. Go until fatigue (not a set number that will hold you back).

If you are unsure of what the exercise I listed is, a great resource is Bodybuilding.com’s Exercise Library. So you can look it up there!

WOD 12:31:13

wod shoulders 2:15:14

wod legs

wod shoulder


wod chest tri

wod chest abs

wodadd1 wodadd2

wod arms wod arms abs wod cardio wod glutes legs

hamstringscalves backbiwod

wod back abs wod chest tri wod glutes sept wod back sept wod bi chest wod hams calves back glutes wod shoulders chest wod wod glutes wod hamstrings hamstringscalves