Bikini Competition Posing Coaches

When it comes to competing in a bikini competition, you can spend hundreds of dollars on a trainer or coach, hundreds of dollars on a dazzling competition bikini, and hundreds of hours training your butt off in the gym. Even if you look perfect up on stage, if your posing is awful you will lose. Your bikini competition posing is a direct reflection of your success as a bikini competitor. It shows off your physique and displays your personality and confidence. Without a good bikini competition posing routine, you're bound to fail.

In order to succeed as a bikini competitor, you must have a great bikini competition posing coach.

A bikini competition posing coach will teach you the two poses: front pose and back pose. They will teach you how to walk. They will teach you how to transition between poses. They will help you add some unique style and sass into your routine. Basically, they will do everything they can to make sure your posing routine brings out the best in you and shows off your assets optimally.

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We always recommend you find a bikini competition posing coach near you. But when you google search "bikini competition posing coach near me" or "bikini competition posing classes near me" you typically end up failing to find help.

For example, your search leads you to a male coach. Um, no. Bikini competition posing is very feminine and requires a female eye and female experience to teach you correctly. Another example is you may find someone who teaches posing online. Um, nah. Yes you can go that route. But if possible, an in-person coach is going to be easier to learn from than online through Skype or video calls. Trust us.

That is why we created this Bikini Competition Posing Directory!

Below we share bikini competition posing coaches by state- within the USA.

Don't forget, having your nutrition & training on point is crucial to your success. Make sure you work with an experienced coach who has helped girls compete in a bikini competition many times. Working out to lose weight is very different from working out to get on stage with a competitor's physique. Nutrition to lose weight is very different from nutrition to drop your body fat low enough to get on stage. We provide customized online coaching and have been helping girls succeed on stage since early 2016.

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Know of a great bikini competition posing coach?

Let us know their name! Please comment below so we can share their contact information below to help out more ladies & bring them more business!

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  • Orlando & Ft Lauderdale: India Paulino 
  • Jacksonville & Ft Lauderdale: Casey Marshall 
  • Tampa: Crystal Richardson -


  • Atlanta: Nicole Markovic -





  • Waterville: Crystal Richardson -





  • Las Vegas/Henderson: Liana Hamilton -
  • Las Vegas: Lindsey Waters -



  • Columbus: Lauren First -



bikini competition posing coach

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